We are passionate about enabling small businesses focus better on their core operations. That's why we introduced this novel product. The Managed IT Service is an outsourced ICT management solution designed to completely take the stress of managing your business technology off you so you can better provide the service your business was set up for.

With our managed IT service, you never have to worry about what type of social media engagement your handles need; how to administer your computer systems; creating world-class designs for your marketing campaigns; administering/managing your already existing website and supporting your email accounts; and so much more.

So, whether you are a one man start-up operating an online store out of your living room with your laptop, an entrepreneur with a small staff managing a budding business in anywhere in Lagos, Nigeria or anywhere in the world or a business executive looking for that bespoke technology solution for your enterprise, contact your one-stop ICT consultant and #getyourbusinessonline.

Maxycore Managed IT Service Starter Plan

Starter - ₦50,000/mo

The STARTER plan includes the essentials any small business needs in other to get online. This primarily includes a functional website. A website, for us is not complete without your own customer email domain and so we would, in addition to setting up your website (assuming you don't already have one), set up customised email accounts for your business. Our STARTER website plan comes with support for 4GB of shared space for hosting and email. With the STARTER plan, we would also provide you with graphic design service. This service would provide 8 clean/market-ready graphic design for marketing your business optimized for social media.

This Managed IT Service Starter Plan is ideal for individual entrepreneurs who are just starting up their business.

Maxycore Managed IT Service Comfort Plan

Comfort - ₦75,000/mo

The COMFORT plan includes everything in the STARTER plan plus support for up to 6GB of shared hosting and email storage and 10 graphic designs per month optimized for email and social media with so much more. This plan comes with marketing management across SMS and email. We would provide you with 3rd party accounts for trusted email marketing vendor services and also manage the scheduling of each campaign according to your business needs and budget.

This Managed IT Service Comfort Plan is ideal for businesses who are interested in building a strong online presence and take advantage of the e-commerce space.

Maxycore Managed IT Service Premium Plan

Premium - ₦100,000/mo

The PREMIUM plan is an all-encompassing bouquet designed to free your business from the hassle of managing it's ICT needs. We will, in addition to providing all the services in the COMFORT plan, provide you with web content management, social media content management and desktop/infrastructure support. This plan comes with support for up to 8GB of shared hosting and email storage, 12 graphic designs optimized for email, social media and web content upload.

This Managed IT Service Premium Plan is ideal for businesses with a physical office space and between 5 - 10 user systems.