ICT Infrastructure

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services, whether delivered through the infrastructure as a service (Iaas), SOftware as a Service (SaaS), or the Platform as a Service (PaS) model, refers virtual ICT resources and infrastructure that is delivered or accessed via a network or the internet. This is a highly automated offering where computing resources complemented with storage and networking services are provided to the user. In essence, users have an IT infrastructure that they can use for themselves without ever having to pay for the construction of a physical infrastructure. This demystifies networking and it's ancillary services and empowers businesses to focus more on their core business service.

A cloud infrastructure includes virtual machines and components such as:
Virtual servers Virtual PCs Virtual network switches/hubs/routers Virtual memory Virtual storage clusters

All of these elements combine to create a full IT infrastructure that works just as well as a physical one, but boasts such benefits as: Low barrier to entry Low capital requirement Low total cost of ownership Flexibility Scalability

Well known examples of cloud computing services include Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, etc

Cloud Computing


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On-Site (Local) Infrastructure

The traditional ICT infrastructure where a business has to buy, host, and manage their IT equipment on-premise is still relevant for certain scenarios today. Whether for information security or to fulfill the business model, we understand what it takes to have a truly robust and efficient infrastructure.

Are you looking for an IT partner to design, build, Administer, and manage your on-site IT infrastruture, Maxycore IT Consultants is your only choice.