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Danam Technology Nigeria Limited (RC 1240943) is an indigenous engineering company specializing in civil, mechanical and electrical works. Their specialties include real estate development, water treatment installations, clean power solutions, air conditioning, environmental management, etc.

MaxyCorp was contracted to develop and online presence for the Danam Technology with particular emphasis on a website that is befitting of the company's status.

We started off designing a logo that communicated strength and reliability which were the primary core values Danam Technology offered to her customers. We also developed a web design that was simple, fluid, mobile-friendly and fast.

Other services we threw into the mix included a social media presence, SEO, Google for Business profile for the company, newsletter service integration, company stationery template and complementary cards, etc...

Project Details

Client : Danam Technology Limited

Category : Web Development, Graphic Design, Consulting

Date : 3 Aug 2017

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